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    Default would appreciate some advice

    my fiance and I are getting married next December and don't have a whole lotta money for our honeymoon. We want an adventure-hiking, kayaking,biking, so a roadtrip sounds perfect, we will be starting in Florida and want to hit major sights in the SouthWest for about 3 weeks. What are the MUST SEE sights? ...or any other advice...

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    Default Looked at Fuel Prices?

    Congratulations on the pending marriage. A roadtrip honeymoon does sound great. However, the distance you seem to be considering could easily exceed 5000 miles and fuel prices are steep.

    For adventure-hiking -- have you considered canoeing in Everglades National Park? Much closer to home and it can be as exciting as you want.

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    Default perhaps too far?

    SouthWEST might be too far for just three weeks. I'm sure you will want to have some "honeymoon" time too - not just driving!

    I agree about the Everglades.

    Another option - just consider going along Gulf Coast drive of Mississippi, New Orleans area (swamp tour/visit plantations/antebellum homes).

    Continue into Texas seeing sights along the way & go as far as BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK --- for your hiking, etc. there.

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    If you want to stick to the SW idea (which I like very much, even if you only have three weeks) I would head towards the four corners area (CO, AZ, NM, UT) and take in some of the sites within a 400 mile radius of that spot. Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Utah are particularly awesome. Spend some time driving and hiking through the Rockies as well.

    If you decide to stay closer to home, I strongly recommend Great Smoky Mountains NP, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Shenandoah NP (the Blue Ridge Parkway is about 450 miles long and connects the two parks) From there, I'd go north into upstate New York, possibly onto Niagara, if you're in the mood for a quick stop at a traditional honeymoon venue.
    (Congratulations, by the way.)

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    Didn't realize that you're going to be going on a winter roadtrip. Nix the Smokies and Shenandoah idea unless you're geared up for the cold and into winter camping.


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