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    Gila Guest

    Default Fun on the west coast!

    Hey Y'all.
    I'm planning on spending 2-3 weeks in the Summer making my way with a friend through California, and also to Las Vegas and Arizona... only problem is we're under 25 which means very expensive car rental rates- does anyone know of CHEAP car rentals for 21-24 yr olds, or some way to get around it?? Also, is it safe to sleep in ur car at night? and one last thing :) can you just turn up at a motel/b&b and get a room for the night or is pre booking essential?
    Thanks so much for ur help!

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    chiara Guest

    Default a few answers

    I don't know much about car rentals, but a few friends and I (all 22) drove across the country from michigan to california and up the coast last year. we had no problems sleeping in the car at night at rest areas or even view areas in the mountains. also about motels...we just drove til we found the cheaper ones and no, booking a room before hand is not needed. good luck and have a blast. I myself will be heading out west again come june and can't wait.

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    Sue Mayer Guest

    Default Sleep in your car?

    Try ugly duckling rent a car and rent a wreck- it might not hurt to have a AAA card either. Best investment you'll ever make. Why would you sleep in your car? Not the best idea, for safety or comfort reasons. There are plenty of cheap camping areas that are absolutely gorgeous in the SW.
    Las Vegas is the best for cheap, especially if you stay out at state line or the ouskirts.We're talking $18-25 a night at some of the places. Also, the buffets are cheap and some are really great. Check out the million web sites of your choice for advice.
    Dont miss Utah! It is spectacular, the national parks are some of the best in my opinion.
    From glitz to culture, California has it all. A coast trip is always memorable. Too much to see in 3 weeks, but you gotta start somewhere.
    Since it sounds like you're geared toward low budget stays, the only places you'll have to worry about booking in advance would be some of the better campgrounds as they book up fast in peak times. You can book alot of them on-line now if you know where youll be in advance.
    Hope you have a great trip!

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    Sleep at truck stops rather than rest areas if you must, but definitely check out the opportunities for cheap camping and/or lodging.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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