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    Hi everyone, I have read some posts and they have been really helpful. But I am planning on coming to the states from England in October for 6 months. There will be two of us and i have an idea of where to go/visit from the other posts. But I am wondering how to travel and stay. Rent/Buy an RV or use motels/campsites and Buy/Rent car.
    Any information would be greatly appriciated.


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    Default A book for you

    A fellow Brit has written a book about roadtripping in the USA that you should certainly check out. It is, without doubt, the best book we have ever seen on the subject. It will provide answers to questions you haven't begun to imagine yet.

    For more information, read the review at

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    Default Things to consider

    I don't know where you plan on visiting but if you come in October for 6 months you are going to be experiencing our winter for most of that time. I don't know what areas you wanted to visit but you can pretty much forget a lot of the northern states. Even the southern states get snow in the winter.

    On our travels we've met many people who purchase a used RV and use it for 6 months to a year and then sell it before they leave. We enjoy the camping life style and that's what we would consider. You can always find a few campgrounds that are free and many Walmarts will let you dry dock in their parking lots. Just ask the store manager first because some cities and states don't allow this. An RV allows you do do all your own cooking which can save a lot of money, you know what the bed will be like and you always have your bathroom with you! Gas milage will be worse than a car but motels can get really pricy in touristy areas.


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