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    Default Vegas to Houston Attractions

    Can anyone recommend 'must sees' for a road trip from Las Vegas to Houston. So far only got Grand Canyon and Monument Valley

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    Default Wow - good area - LOTS to see

    Not sure of your interests but since you have mentioned some national parks/monuments.... You might want to do a LOOP driving one way to Houston and another way back so you can cover more territory. All over Arizona and New Mexico are great places to see/do.

    - I enjoyed Big Bend National Park in Texas and the drive from Carlsbad Caverns NP and Guadalupe Mountains down to Presidio and along the Rio Grande area towards Big Bend.

    - Carlsbad Caverns NM are amazing! Don't miss these caves when going by so close.

    You can pick and choose the national parks you are interested in at

    - Canyon de Chelley AZ is very nice. Take a Navajo guided jeep ride down into it.
    - San Antonio is a nice town to visit - of course, "do" the famous Riverwalk. I didn't know what this was until I got there --- Wow! Spent some time casually strolling the beautiful paths, gardens, bridges, shops/restaurants along it. Also "the Alamo", missions tour.
    - Fort Worth/Dallas area - the Fort Worth Historic Stockyards are pretty interesting (even if you are city folk). Lots of history given to you on the free walking tour. You can catch a rodeo in town just about any time of year.
    - Dallas Arboretum and Botannical Gardens was nice.

    - Everyone raves about New Mexico as a favourite state. Personally, I haven't covered much of it yet but look up their tourism site.

    Hope this gives you some ideas to begin with. I'm sure others will reply as well.

  3. Default Must Sees

    Let me first say that you could choose twenty locations within the area you describe at random, place them around a dartboard, visit the ones you hit, and you will have had a great time in stunningly beautiful settings.

    That said, no trip through the area would be complete without a run through southern Utah. You'll hit Zion and Bryce Canyon Nat'l Parks first, and then Arches and Canyonlands in the southeast. I would hit as many of them as possible, and then head southeast through New Mexico like the previous poster suggested.

    Just search through the postings in the last 120 days. You're sure to find postings about the area you're going to drive through.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    Default "Tse Bii Ndzisgaii"

    When you go to Monument Valley -- try and arrange your schedule so you can visit the Navajo Tribal Park. The "original name" for Monument Valley is Tse Bii Ndzisgaii. There is a toll-road inside the park (it is un-paved and very rough, but passable for passenger cars).

    Make sure you have a full tank of gas and plenty of water before entering the park!

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