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    Chris Flynn Guest

    Default Road Trip during summer

    I am planning a trip to Rapid City,SD. What is the fastest and slowest routes from Eagan,MN to Rapid City? Is there any places to stop along way and in Rapid City? How many hours is it from Eagan,MN to Rapid City,SD and how many miles is it from Eagan,MN to Rapid City,SD? Is there a nice place to stay in Rapid City?
    Please e-mail me!
    Chris Flynn

  2. Default Where are you going again?

    Just kidding.

    I've done Minneapolis to Rapid City before. September of 2001 to be exact. Had a vision quest at the Badlands and made peace with the way things were...

    Anyway, you're looking at about 600 miles at a pretty fast pace if you drive straight through. Take 35 South to 90 West, and it'll take you right into Rapid City. I can only assume you're going to the Badlands. If this is true, and you've never been there before, consider getting up a half hour before sunrise and heading for the Pinnacles Overlook near the eastern entrance of the park. Great place to have appear before your eyes as the morning light comes...

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    TJ Guest


    The Badlands are an absolute must, along w/ Needle's Highway in the Black Hills. Beautiful!

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    Frank Thompson Guest

    Default trip to Rapid City

    I would definitely agree with previous recommendation to see the Badlands. While on the way, avoid all temptation to get off and see Wall Drug - it's one of the worst tourist traps I've ever seen. The Corn Palace in Mitchell is kind of neat, however.

    Unless you have a particular reason for staying in Rapid City, I would urge you to consider staying in one of lodges in Custer State Park, or for something a little more economical, try Hill City or Custer. Both of these are nice little towns on the west side of the state park. Also agree with person who said the trip through the Needles in the park is a must.

    My wife and I had one of our most enjoyable and relaxing vacations ever in the Black Hills area.

  5. Default Spirit of Crazy Horse

    For an incredible look into the history of the Black Hills/Badlands region, read the first few chapters (if not more!) of In The Spirit of Crazy Horse, by Peter Mathiessen.

    All who travel to or through the Black Hills or Badlands should know the stories that can't be found in the Social Studies textbooks that we feed to our country's youth.

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    imported_Mike Guest


    If you are going through the Black Hills I would consider taking a trip up to Dead Wood. It is a town with alot of history and alot of Gambling. It is one of the last towns in America to become civilized. It is also where Wild Bill and Clamity Jane are laid to rest. You have to visit the cemetary, it is quite an experience.

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