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    me and my girlfriend Louise are planning a roadtrip from new york to san Francisco and then on down to San Diego next May. We have plenty of time and were saving now for it but not too sure on prices on cars and fuel. we were wondering would you be able to get a good second hand car or hire a car for about 3months to do the trip for about $1000 to $ you know of any company's that we could hire/purchase. We are then thinking bout getting the train back to NY, what are the train prices and how would i get hold of train time tables. would really appreciate all your feedback from every aspect

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    If you are planning on taking the train back east, I am going to assume that you plan to get rid of the car after your trip. If that is the case, I would check rental prices for national companies that would allow you to pick the car up in NY, and drop it off in San Diego. You will probably spend a similar amount of money, but the car will be new. The last thing you need is for a $1500 hunk-of-junk to break down on you in the middle of nowhere. It once took AAA three hours to come to my aid in the middle of South Dakota, which gave the state troopers ample time to try to trick me out of my rights. (I detest them to this day)

    Rent a newer and more dependable vehicle, especially if you just plan to drive one-way.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    would you recommend any car rentals that would give us a good deal and that would allow us to take the car for 3 months+. have decided to take the amtrack California Zephyr back to chicago and then a normal train back to NY but im still stuck on going across with travel. any info is essential info. thanks

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