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    imported_Stan Lee Guest

    Default Funded Trip Across the States

    I am planning to take a 2-3 month trip, out West, starting around April or May. I am currently thinking about a travel buddy. Buddy needs to be easy going, open minded and looking for adventure and preferably in their 20's. The trip is basically already paid for. The only thing another person would be responsible for is their own food and spending money. I will be paying for gas, hotels, etc... If you are interested let me know by responding to this post. Include a little about yourself and your email address.

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    imported_Brad Guest

    Default Nice offer

    Nice to hear there are some generous wanderers on the highways these days. I'm 27, college educated, and headed for a 9 to 12 month, or more, 50 state trip starting next summer or fall out of Alaska. If that might be something you are interested in let me me.

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    Aisha Guest

    Default Details?


    If you're still looking for a road trip partner, email me...I'm still looking for something to do this summer! I've just graduated from college btw, am 23, and ready for some fun :)


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