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    kara Guest

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    Okay,guys and gals, here's the deal. I'm looking to write a book. It will be something of a travel guide/ philosphpy peice based around the american road. I'm looking to capture the mythos of the American roadside and the freespirited ideals that I find myself coming across more and more frequently (as well as being prone to them myself). I want a vast array of views here, so I'd appreciate any anecdotes, tips, or ideas from fellow wanderers. thanks, and enjoy the road. -kara

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    imported_Brad Guest

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    Hey Kara.
    I know the passion in your heart, the itching in your feet, to get upon that great ol' American highway and do something great. I would love chit chat with you about I am currently working on putting together a 50 state, 1 canadian Province trip while filming a documentary movie...and it is going to be absolutely incredible. Let's connect soon.

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