It's me again, still nervous and extremely excited about my quickly upcoming trip from Miami, Fl to Los Angeles, CA. I have chosen to call it... OCTOBERWEST - get it? HA HA HA ;)

I have some things decided already. I will drive going west and fly back. I have two tentive plans.

One - stop at Las Vegas and meet up with family and spend the weekend - fly back.

Two - Go to LA meet up with some friends doing a 4 day motorcycle ride to San Francisco - Fly back.

But either way- I'm taking I-40 West.

Here are my questions:

Should I rent a car (about $1000.00) or what else can I do?
Where should I stay overnight? Are there plenty of camping spots reasonably priced?
How much money should I be looking at to take?
How should I pack? Where would I do laundry? a laundrymat, perhaps?

Can someone help!

Rosmery (1st time road tripper)