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    I have 8 weeks, maybe a couple more. Sedona and Flagstaff (Arizona), San Fran, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver will get the most attention. I'm a writer and I'll be touring these cities promenently for fun, skate and music. A few questions:

    1. U.S. border policies. What are they?

    2. Sleeping in the van. Where to, where not to?

    3. Traveling music. I'm eclectic and I think albums define artists, not songs. Suggest an album or two PLEASE!!!

    Redirect me with links if you may. Thanks. HELP!!!

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    Your trip sounds amazing. Best of luck and safe driving to you.

    I4. 'm not sure what you want to know about U.S./Canada border crossing, but the webpage the editor suggested in a previous posting might answer some of your questions.
    My best advice:

    1. Be very respectful, but don't be a kiss-ass.
    2. Turn off stereo, take off sunglasses.
    3. Speak only when spoken to and answer only what you were asked.
    4. DO NOT ATTEMPT to carry contraband across the border. Canada has a zero tolerance policy for all controlled substances entering their country. Some people think that just because BC has all but legalized marijuana they can just carry it in. Not the case. They will take your car and bar you from entering the country for many years.

    Likewise for re-entering the U.S. Carrying any controlled substance into the U.S. is a felony. You will see the inside of a jail cell.

    As far as sleeping in your van, it's been discussed in previous posts.

    As far as road music, I posted some suggestions about a month ago.


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