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    Default OH - WA December 15

    Hi All!
    I'm heading out to WA from OH on December 15 and am wondering if anyone has a suggestion for the best route. I have traveled there and back before, but never in December. I've gone both the Northern Route (I-90) and the more Southern Route (I-80). I know that the mountains in NE Oregon and in Montana/Idaho can be tricky any time if the year, but I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions on which route would be better this time of year.

  2. Default dry bitter cold is your friend

    Snow removal is excellent on both routes, but I personally would take I-90. Snow events usually occur when the temperature is between 25-32F, and there's a better chance of dry, bitter cold in Montana and Idaho from December through February. Dry, bitter cold is your friend. Just make sure your car is in good running order and that you have the necessary supplies in case of emergency.

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