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    Default Is it possible?

    We are a crowd of 4 Irish in San francisco considering to drive to NCY for St.Paddys day on March 17th and back again to San Fran. We want to see as much as possible along the way and only really have 10 days to do it. 10 days there and back! We will all rotate driving, but have no reliable car and will need to hire. Is this foolish to squeeze so much in? Its the only time we'll get off work! Has anyone attempted this before or do you have advice on general. This is our first road trip!

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    Default not enough time

    Too far in only 10 days to stop and enjoy any of the sites. You would be missing a lot! says its 47 1/2 hours from San Francisco to New York City. That's 8 12-hour days of driving alone round-trip just to get there & back! Can be done just to "get to New York" but you won't have time to see anything.

    Why not pick another destination. Where have you NOT been?

    Have you been north up to Mount Ranier, Mount St. Helens, or British Columbia and Alberta, Canada?

    Have you been through Arizona and southern Utah national parks? They are amazing.

    What about Colorado, Wyoming, Montana?

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    10 days is simply not enough time to do your trip as planned.

    I have spent St. Patrick's Day in several different cities, the best of which being Boston, Mass. and Saint Paul, Minn. Keep in mind that every major city is going to party that weekend, so you don't have to go all the way out to NYC to find a good time.

    Have you ever done St. Patty's in Los Angeles? There's lots to do and see between SF and LA, and you'd have plenty of time in which to do it. Friends tell me that Austin, Texas is a good spot, as well as Seattle, Washington. Also plenty to do and see between SF and either of those locations, though the weather isn't too great in the Pacific Northwest that time of year.

    Good luck and safe driving,


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