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    imported_Angus Bangus Guest


    Does anyone know what to do about Canadian speeding tickets? I got one a few months ago, and I'm wondering if they can actually enforce them against us. Has anyone ever had a problem with our friends up north?


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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Failure to Appear for traffic tickets

    All Canadian provinces are members of the Non-Resident Violators Compact and share information on traffic tickets for citizens of any province. Smilar compacts exists in the US and all but three states are members. I am not aware of any arrangement for sharing between a Canadian province and a US state. However, not settling the ticket may have more dire consequences than you expect. First, it is likely that a warrant for your arrest has or will be issued in Canada. If you try to enter at least that province and possibly the entire country, you may be denied entry or arrested. Such warrants are automatic for failure to appear in the US and I presume they are in Canada as well. Second, it is possible that the information on a failure to appear warrant will be entered in a central insurance database that could cause problems for you with you auto insurance. If such a capability does not exist now, it probably will in the near future with all the recent emphasis on cross-border data sharing.

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    Default Don is the resident expert in such matters


    When you posted the first message about your dilemna, I didn't have any answers, but Don has professional expertise to back up his comments. I would suggest dealing with it.


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    imported_Angus Bangus Guest


    Thank you, gentlemen. I took care of the problem last week.

    Don, you should know that I asked several colleagues about the matter, and not one of them had any idea, nor the motivation to find out. Beyond my posting on this site, I suppose I am guilty of the same. Thank you for your expertise. International, is it? Criminal defense?


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    Don Woodmancy Guest

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    No-actually my expertise is derived from putting people with traffic (and other)warrants in jail but I'm retired now so no threat. I'm glad you took care of it. Being stopped when you have a warrant outstanding can spoil your day.

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