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    Default X'mas LA to Portland on I-5

    i need advice for my first road trip for this coming x'mas. i have just got a drivers lisence a month ago. i have not used chain before. i have not driven in the snow before.
    am i too ambitious to even think about it? my husband will be with me on this trip (he's been driving for 14 years), but he has not used chain before either and he does not like driving generally....please give us any advice.

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    Default Depending on the route -- snow view from distance only

    Generally, the snow storms that could affect your route don't hit the coastal areas until January of February. Although it is possible to get snow in November and December along the mountainous sections of I-5 it rarely requires chains. On the other hand, you should always carry them in the car.

    Driving with chains is not really that big a deal. Certainly practice putting them on before you need to do it for real. I would be far more concerned about your lack(?) of driving experience in general. You will most certainly hit rain during this period -- so take it slow -- don't attempt to drive as fast as either the speed limit or the drivers around you.

    Are you considering the coastal route or I-5 the entire distance? In any case, the trip should be quite an adventure and I hope you share your experiences with us.


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