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    Default Attractions ?

    I have to drive from Las Vegas to El Paso and from there continue to Houston in Dezember. Does anyone know of some really cool attractions on the way to make this drive memorable ? Please let me know ;O)

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    Default Chricahuas & Big Bend

    Before you get to El Paso I would suggest a detour near Benson and check out the Kartchner Caverns State Park. They have designed high-tech air locks to keep the air similar to how it has been for hundreds of years and so a bi-ped can get a rare look at some of the most amazing caverns in the world.

    Farther along -- a detour at Benson and check out the Tombstone area ( then a drive along the Chiricahuas -- my favorite mountain range in the USA.

    At Van Horn divert South on US-90 and travel to Marfa and then south towards Ojinaga. Drive through the state park and then stop for while and check out Terlingua --- Be sure and have a beer/grub at the Starlight Theatre and then go explore the Big Bend National Park. Angie Dean is the owner of the Starlight and the image of "Miss Kitty" in temperment and style.

    The River Walk in San Antonio is always a cool place to visit -- but be sure to go by the Alamo -- during the Christmas season it seems especially poignant.

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