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    I'm taking my little brother on a roadtrip from Seattle to San Francisco, Palm Springs and San Diego in December. I'm wondering what the best route is through Oregon, as I'm not the most confident snow driver (par for the course for Seattlites). I have heard that 5 can get pretty icy in southern Oregon. Would I be better off sticking to the coast--say, taking 126 from Eugene over to highway 101?

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    I-5 does get snow over Siskiyou Pass but sometimes in December it can be completely dry. It's pretty well maintained so just take it slow and carry chains or have snow tires.

    If it's a really bad winter 126 can even get ice and snow. But the colder weather usually happens in Jan and Feb in Oregon. The coast would be beautiful if you have the time.

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    I would concur with Jenn, bad weather can affect either route, but I have driven through that area of the country in all types of weather and I really don't think you have too much to be worried about in December.

    You and your brother should have a fantastic road trip holiday.

    Have fun!


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    Jenn and Mark, thanks for the advice! I feel much better now that I've got inside information. It sounds like 5 will be fine (I was envisioning huge blizzards and 30 feet of snow), but I'll check weather reports every now and then on the way just to make sure.

    Thanks again! We're so excited.


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