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    Default NY to La, how do we do it?

    Hi i was looking at some of the other messages they offer very good advice. Me and a few of my friends all live in Ireland, however we love the States and plan to do a big ass road trip next August 2003.
    We plan to fly to Newark airport in New Jersey, rent a car, drive south west to washington, maybe back up to Chicago, down to Kansas, through colardo to las vegas then to LA. This is a very rough plan but we need general advice.

    1) whats the best thing to look at? for us at the moment its the problem of the car.
    2) can we pick up a cheap enough car in NY and leave it in LA? if not how else could we travel? i heard that we might be able to drive one back for the company! is that true?
    3)i heard a lot about being safe? Is it not that safe to sleep in your car or in a tent somewhere?
    4) How much money a day would you need on top of Gas for about 300miles?
    5) How long would it take if you were to have some stops and short day breaks in the major cities?
    6) We are all 19 is the insurance on a rented car going to be dear? Do you have to have a full license?
    7) Whens the best time to book flights + can we change our departing flight date, at any time?
    8) Route66 is a common route but is it better, quicker and cheaper to plan your own route?
    9)How much ground could you make in a day maybe 8hrs traveling on a highway?

    Anyway i probably have lots more questions but these are enough for know, if anyone wants to know about ireland gimme a shout!
    Thanks B

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    I'm not from America so i can't answer much of your questions. But i'm planning my own roadtrip and i found a wedsite, go to Plan a Roadtrip, its really good because you can put in your starting point and your finishing point. You can put in up to 10 stops along the way and it will give you a map of the best routes to take, and also how long each leg of your trip will work.


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    Default Some ideas


    First it is very unlikely that you will find a rental car company very interested in taking the same vehicle on a cross country tour without significant drop-off charges. There is a book written by Englishman Andrew Vincent billed as a road travelers survival kit that might be perfect for you. The book can answer most of the questions you raised. Go to and click on "Drive USA"


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    Check that site out too. It'll answer a lot of your questions.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    Default road trip

    Washington D C is a great place to see.
    Think about buying a older car ($2000.) and sell it in L A for ($400) big hit but the $ may work out.
    Dont sleep in the car. Stay at camp grounds $15. to $22.
    safer , cheaper at State and Nat Parks $8. to $14.
    Truck stops not very good for over night stops.
    Route 66 is not a common route, interstates are.
    Over 8 hrs you can avg. 50 to 55 miles.
    Eat at fast food places , fast service, cheaper than fixing it your self and located at almost all exits even out west.
    Have fun

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    Default ROAD TRIP.

    Hi GUYS,I am also from Ireland but living in New york 10 plus years. Have ye heard of green tortise some of my friend travelled on it a few years ago and said it was brillent. for approx $300 a 60's style bus will drive from new york to la or san fran stopping at some of the best sights in the country, ie yellowstone,yosemite,etc. including white water rafting in the grand canon. from memory you sleep in the bus or camp and the organizers promise a swim or a shower each night.mainly europeaners on bus and food is mainly prepared by each other i think approx 100 for food and the trip is 2 weeks. phone number is 1800 green tortise if my spelling is correct.

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