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    I am looking for any information at all about the towns along Interstate 80 West out of Lincoln, and Interstate 76 West towards Denver. I'm not looking for fun places necessarily, but rather the names of some places that might have a bunch of hotels, restaurants, shopping areas. Any information at all about the route would be greatly appreciated. I am leaving tomorrow morning.


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    Default Some wacky ideas in the wrong direction + 2 in Correct


    I know from your postings that you are an accomplished roadtripper --- I-80 is hardly rural along that route. There are cities and towns at intervals the entire way. So what, in particular, are you looking for?

    OK. If you don't mind a detour going the wrong direction -- if I were in Lincoln I would go:

    1. To DeSoto -- this is the prime time to check out the several thousand snow geese that arrive each year. De Soto is about 25 miles north of Omaha. I know it sounds odd -- but believe there are few things that can rival the bird flight at sunrise! (

    2. The "wild animal tour" at exit 426 is supposed to be great.

    Now headed the right way:
    1. Homestead National Monument -- prairie life --

    2. Check out the Nebraska History site for some places to check out on I-80:

    3. Warp's Pioneer Village near Minden at exit 279

    Places to stay along the way -- Kearney and North Platte (home of Buffalo Bill Cody) and Sterling in Colorado.

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    Default How was the trip?


    I see from a posting you left on 10/28, that you must have returned from the road trip to Denver -- or arrived or something. Do you have any good intel on things you found along I-80?

    Let us know!


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    Fantastic trip, Mark.

    Started from Long Island two Thursdays ago. Arrived in Los Angeles last Sunday. Here are some details...

    10/17- Buffalo, New York via I-80, I-81, and I-90.
    10/18- Through Cleveland to Mishawaka, IN via I-90 and I-80.
    10/19- Through Chicago and Madison, WI to Minneapolis via
    I-80, I-90, and I-94. Spent three nights in
    10/22- Through Des Moines to Council Bluffs, IA via I-35
    and I-80. I was shooting for Lincoln, Nebraska (the
    hometown of a friend) but I hit some rough weather
    10/23- Lincoln, NE...a short drive through Omaha from
    Council Bluffs.
    10/24- Through a whole lotta nothin' to Denver, Colorado via
    I-80 and I-76.
    10/25- Through Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado,
    through Santa Fe and Albuquerque to Grants, NM via
    I-25 and I-40.
    10/26- Across the Navajo Reservation, a living example of
    one of the great human travesties in the history of
    all that exists or Flagstaff, AZ via
    I-40. I spent a few hours at Petrified Forest
    National Park. Definitely a place to check out on a
    Grand Canyon area vacation. It's about four hours
    from PFNP to the south rim of GCNP.

    10/27- Through the desert to Los Angeles, CA via I-40,
    I-15, and finally I-10.

    Ten days, seven travel days, 3800 miles, by myself, in a 1991 Toyota Celica with 140,000+ miles under its belt.

    Thank you for your help. This is a great site, and I'll pitch in when I can.


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    Default 3800 Miles -- And miles to go before I sleep...


    Thanks for the news about your road trip. It does sound like a fantastic trip. We look forward to more postings from you about favorite watering holes, places to stop and rest and little known- gems found along the way.

    What disturbed you about the Navajo Nation segment?


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