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    Doug Akins Guest

    Default one last trip

    Two healthly seniors wanting to go in their RV to Red Wood country of California from Detroit for about 6 to 8 weeks starting Aug. 2003. Some express ways, but a lot of scenic and interesting routes with experiences. We are people oriented.

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    kristy Guest


    if you want scenic i would go up michigan and across the upper penninsula if you havent done it before. if you have i would go through indiana, illinois etc into south dakota. lots of stuff to see there, the badlands,mt rushmore etc. you can take I-90 across dip down into yellowstone, take hwy 20 to I-15 to I86/84 across the colombia river gorge to hwy 101 and down the coast to the redwoods. any variation of this gives you lots to see and do and some of the most beautiful country to travel through.

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