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    I am planning a trip from Boston to San Diego late next summer. I am going to be driving a fairly old van, while towing a u-haul trailor.

    I am looking for the way easiest on my van, and most interesting for me. I realize I will probably have to take a southern route. Does anyone have any suggestions for routes.

    Right now I'm planning on taking I-90 to Chicago, then down to St.Louis. After that it's all up in the air. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    You have a very long time to prepare for your trip, but maybe I can be of help.

    In an old van, particularly with a haul, you're going to want to avoid big changes in elevation. Your idea to head south out of Chicago is a good one. Take I-55 South to St. Louis and then hook up with I-44 West. This will allow you to cut diagonally through Illinois and Missouri, and then on through Tulsa to Oklahoma City. I-40 is pretty nice once you get to New Mexico.

    At Albuquerque, you can take I-25 South along the Rio Grande. You'll pass Truth or Consequence, NM and you'll be somewhat near White Sands Nat'l Monument. You can hook up with I-10 West in Las Cruces.

    Take 10 to 8 and you're golden. Good luck.


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