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    Default route advice through/around rockies with trailer

    hi everyone,

    i'm driving from boston to san jose, california during the first 2 weeks of november. i have to stop in pittsburgh and kansas city along the way.

    my main question concerns the route from kc to northern california. i've gone west to east before, through denver. i'd love to go through the rockies again, especially because i have a place to stay in denver, but i am very concerned about the weather in november, and i will also be pulling a u-haul trailer, so this seems like a bad idea.

    can anyone give me some ideas on fast, easy-to-drive (with a trailer) routes around the rockies - from kc to northern cali? i'll be leaving kc on nov. 12th, and i'd like to be in san jose by the 16th. i am not too concerned about scenery (i've seen a lot of the area before on various road trips), more about speed and safety (again, because of the trailer). or, if you think i could make it through denver, i'd like to hear about that, too.

    i know in general i will have to head south, but i don't want to head too far south, as this will take more time, and my destination is up north anyway.

    i would really appreciate any input on this matter! if you'd like to email me directly, my addy is

    thanks so much,


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    Default November should be fine

    In general the worst winter weather doesn't get to Denver until January, but I have hit some amazing ice storms in mid-November in Texas and New Mexico (on the "southern route").

    If speed is the issue -- either I-70 or I-80 should be your ticket.

    If you do hit rough weather -- slow down and take it easy.

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    I disagree with the previous reply. Once you get west of Denver on I-70, any time of year can be treacherous when you are pulling a trailer. My best advice is to shoot for an I-70 crossing, but only if the weather report is clear.

    If you are looking for a safer southern alternative, consider taking I-35 South when you reach Wichita. Take it to Oklahoma City and then head West on I-40. You will have less elevation changes, and relatively warm weather- particularly in the daytime. I would take I-40 all the way to I-5. This will add a day to your trip, but everything you have will arrive in one piece.


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    Default Ice/Snow is much safer on I-70

    If the weather is threatening snow and ice I would always elect for I-70 simply because the snow removal gear is much better utilized in Colorado and Utah. I have hit some really rough ice storms on I-40 and I-10 and the hiqhway departments are less effective in the lower elevation states.


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