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    Frank Guest

    Default Looking for car rental: Vancouver - LA


    I am looking for a car rental in February 2003. Has anyone tips for me? During my search on the internet I walked into some problems like: 31 days limited rentals, drop-off penalties etc.

    - pickup: Vancouver, Feb 11, 2002
    - dropoff: LA, Marc 16, 2002
    - total 33 days
    - 4 adults

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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Vancouver to LA

    I have no experience doing that but I suspect it will be easier for you to rent a car in Seattle for a drop in LA. The cross-border drop off may be a problem. As an alternative, AMTRAK runs a daily train from Vancouver to downtown Seattle. From there, you should be able to pick up a car at any of the major outlets for dropoff in LA. Have a great trip.

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