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    imported_HDF Guest

    Default 3 Friends plan a RTrip!!

    My friends and I are planning a Rtrip for next month. We are all 22 and absolutly crazy:) We are sick of Utah and we want to get away for awhile. We just want to get into our cars and drive.. We don't really have any destination but we are able and willing to do anything. We want to get out and meet NEW people and just live LIFE!! Anyways, if anyone has done what we are attempting to do, please let me know how it went. Or if anyone knows of any great places to go please tell us..BYE BYE Haley

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    alec Guest

    Default question for ya

    I'm possibly going to be road trippin thru Utah on my way from Huntsville, AL to Tacoma, WA. Haven't decided whether I'm going to swing by Yellowstone, Glacier National, or come through Utah yet. Any rec's on places to visit if I choose the Utah way? Good luck w/ plannin the trip. Hope y'all have a blast. :)

    btw...i'm 22 too, so I'm up for most anything.

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    Erika Guest

    Default Just planned a trip from MA

    My best friend and I are planning on a road trip leaving February 2003, We're both 21 and wanna party and have fun. Leaving from MA. Anyone have any suggestions or any must have's or do's?

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    I just did a road trip and had a great time. Here are some things that you might want to see:

    1. New Orleans-- this town is absolutly nuts. Go to Bourbon St on a Friday night. That will be crazy and unforgetable.

    2. Deadwood SD-- It will probably be cold there next month, but it's the oddest city I've ever been to. Interesting people, interesting casinos, and cheap food/drink. You can get free beers at several bars, and a complete hot breakfast for 79 cents.

    3. St. Louis-- The area around the river downtown looked pretty fun. I wasn't there too long, but I'd imagine you could have a great time and meet some good people there.

    Enjoy your trip!


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    alec Guest

    Default a thought 'bout St. Louis

    Patrick, when did you happen to go to St. Louis? From what I have heard from my friends living there, the waterfront area is mainly closed down post 9/11, due to the arch. I'm not positive though. It is an incredible downtown though. And on your way to NO, stop in Memphis, just down the interstate. You can see Graceland and chill on Beale street. Great blues music every night.

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    alec Guest

    Default leaving from MA

    If you are possibly interested in something like this, this is the best time to go thru the Appalachia's. Travel all the way down to the Gatlinburg area near Knoxville, making sure to pass thru Bryson City NC and take the Interstate thru to Gatlinburg. Also, try Charleston. It's a gorgeous old colonial town, esp. Battery Point. Also, their food is second to none, actually beats Boston in my opinion. Perhaps, drop in and look at duke in Raliegh/Durham, it's a incredibly cool school and area. The architecture will just blow you away. More to come later.......

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    imported_Mike Guest


    I was in St. Louis after 9\11 and the water front is open as well as the Arch. I have to say that Patrick is right about Dead Wood, SD. Its a cool little town. The people are nice to. Everything is really close to each other. I am leaving to party in Cali for a week starting tomorrow. If you are looking to go crazy, I suggest LA! Your in Utah, so its not to far away. LA has alot to offer.

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    You must take the advice of a previous poster and go to the Appalachias. The Blue Ridge Parkway runs between the Great Smokies and Shenandoah National Parks. You're best off leaving ASAP to see peak foliage, but EARLY november is still pretty good if you stay on the southern end of the chain.

    If you can't leave before the end of the month, consider driving up into western South Dakota for starters. The Black Hills area and Badlands National Park are two prime destinations ANY time of year. I strongly recommend at least visiting the Badlands. It is one of the eeriest experiences you will ever have. I'm not saying it's the most scenic of all the places I've been, but it's definitely the most mysterious.

    My best advice is to find a good balance between scenic areas and cities. If you do head east, be sure to check out Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, and BY ALL MEANS POSSIBLE, N'awlins. I've been there twice (one Mardi Gras, one not) and it kicks ass any time of year. Stays relatively warm too.

    Be safe, have fun.


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