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    Default Crazy? or doable?

    Me and my g-friend were planning on a road trip from Eastern Maine to LA and back over Chrismas break, problem is we only have 16 days, we were planning on going down the east coast, through DC & Atlanta, then through Dallas, to Phoenix, Vegas, LA, back through Denver, across the plains to St. Louis, up to Chicago, then through Cleveland, across the 90 then back up the 95 to Maine...... people Ive talked to say this is crazy talk, but maybe a 10th, 11th and possibly 12th oppinions would be good....


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    It's physically do-able but you won't be able to stop and explore a whole lot. To give you an idea of driving time, I can go from seattle to ohio in three days. but thats staying on the major highways and driving from morning till 9 or 11 at night and not stopping for much of anything but gas and eating.

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    Default Asking for trouble

    I second the post from "JustaGirl" -- it would be possible to make the trek -- but you need to plan on 16 to 18 hour days. If you hit rough weather -- you may not be able to travel faster than 25 mph on average -- do you really want to create such a marathon trip over your holiday? Assuming no weather problems and marginal side trips you are still talking about a 6500 mile epic.

    If it were me, I would plan a trip of about 1000 miles total and really have some time to explore and enjoy the trip.


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    Default Driving

    Driving is about all you will be doing. Your route is about 7,200 miles so you will be driving 450 miles each and every day of the trip.

    December is not the best time to be driving around. You could find snow conditons anywhere.


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