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    Brett Guest

    Default December 2002/January 2003 Road Trip (LA -> NY via scenic route)

    hi everyone,

    I'm set to arrive in LA on Decemeber 1st and am in desperate need of a great road trip from LA down to Houston via NY/Boston/DC etc..

    We want to see quite a bit of the US during our 5 week stay (the last 1 1/2 weeks is in Houston and Florida with family) and need to stay clear of any SNOW as us Aussie's are not to good with that stuff!! :)

    Thanks all!

    Brett (Brisbane, Australia)

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    Richard woods Guest

    Default no snow??

    January is the dead of winter particularly in the north and mid-atlantic area.Average temps in Boston for Jan are 35 degrees high and 21 degrees low.Try this :Take 15 north out of LA and I-40 thru Arizona,New Mexico,Texas,Oklahoma,Arkansas and when you get to Tennesee you can decide to go to Boston etc,or head south to Florida,Houston.We were in Houston in January a few years ago and a cold front came down from the north(fast)and froze everything up where you could not drive safely.There are two other(southern) interstates I-10 and I-20 but first you must consider your options about the mid-north atlantic states.In any case you will need to carry chains.They keep the interstates in pretty good shape,but January is a tough month to go to the northeast.Rich

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    Default Snow is just part of the Adventure


    As Richard has mentioned, January is Winter in North America and the chance of snow is simply part of the package. I-40 is likely to have some snow during that period. We have hit amazing ice storms in Texas in January. You simply slow down and enjoy the winter wonderland views.

    It is possible that you could hit a dry period and travle to New England states without running into snow in January -- but darn unlikely. Take it slow, you will be fine. The biggest challenge will probably be getting used to driving on the "wrong" side of the road.


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