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    imported_Andy Guest

    Default East to West or West to East!

    hi all,

    Irishguy looking to do a road trip from either east to west or wast to east coast of america - not anytime soon but ideally in early 2003, with the plan to take a month or so to complete trip.. route undecided, but interested in I-50, with specific detours around Utah, Grand Canyon..

    Anyone interested in sharing the gas, the laughs, the beer (though not while driving!) and the adventure, drop me a line!

    Have fun!


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    Brandy Guest

    Default trip

    Well, though it is soon, I am making a RT from Vegas to Virginia and Connecticut within the next week. Thought Id offer!

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    imported_Angus Bangus Guest


    I just want to point out that you would be
    "ANDY AND BRANDY" if you went together.

    Keep that in mind. No one really wants to be THAT guy...

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