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    TripTik Man Guest

    Default Spectacular Skylines

    In the series of posts regarding bypassing the cities, Dana and Mark mentioned how they like to drive stright through large cities to get a close-up look at the often spectacular skylines. I'm the same way.

    They mentioned Pittsburgh, Berkeley and of course New York and Chicago.

    Are there any other recommendations for approach routes in other cities that offer dramatic skyline views?

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    Default skylines

    some of my favorites are St. Louis. The Arch looks real cool in the day, or lit up at night. Memphis has a neat skyline too, with its 32 story pyramid and the curvy bridge. Hope you have fun!

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    imported_Angus Bangus Guest


    San Francisco is an amazing sight, particularly from the Oakland Bay Bridge. The small downtown area is only a section of a much larger mosiac of landscapes and cityscapes.

    As far as some lesser known skylines, I was impressed by Indianapolis and Columbus along Interstate 70. Minneapolis (I-94/I-35 interchange) is a bit smaller, but also very nice.


    P.S. Another really good approach is Las Vegas in the dead of night. I-15 West climbs up a tall sand dune about 10 miles out of the city and when you reach the top the entire city spreads out in front of you.

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    Default Tall Sand Dune?


    The RTA offices are in Las Vegas so I've seen that view a few hundred times in recent years. The easiest way to see it is to exit I-15 at Exit 27 -- bear right (headed East) and turn left (North) at the stop sign -- Las Vegas Blvd. All of the Las Vegas Valley will be spread out in front of you. After viewing the lights you can either U-Turn and re-enter the freeway at 27 or proceed north on Las Vegas Blvd and return to I-15 at either Blue Diamond, Russell, Tropicana, Flamingo, Sahara etc.

    Las Vegas is also my favorite city to fly into at night -- the green of MGM and purple of the Polo Club looks like one is flying into mystical "Oz."


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    Nico Suave Guest


    Seattle by Route 99 North Bound is stunning. I take every first time visitor to my home from the airport on this route.

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    Stone Guest


    I have always enjoyed the Portland skyline from I-5 at night.

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