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    Brent Guest

    Default Yellowstone and Glacier Help!

    Im about to head back from CT to Oregon in a few weeks and am planning on giong to yellowstone for a day or two, then if i have time follow 90 up to Seattle...I was just wondering a few things...Is it worth it to drive all the way around yellowstone, i heard its about 200 miles? Also, is Glacier nat. park worth my trip up? If so how would i go about getting there and how long would it take? I started thinking i would take a week, now im thinking more then 10 days is still not enough. I know time is what u need after i did oregon to ct in 5 days for my first trip ever! hope one of yall can help me make my trip worth the time i have! thanks for any help..

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    Carol I. Picciolo Guest

    Default Glacier National Park

    Hi! Glacier National Park is spectacular! I live in flatland Illinois. Glacier has always been on my vacation wish list! U.S. Route 2 is a scenic road to drive to Glacier. Enjoy!

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    imported_mark Guest

    Default yellowstone/glacier

    regarding doing the entire yellowstone loop, of course it is worth doing if you have the time. However if you want to stop and take in some of the "natural attractions" with summer tourists crowding the roads keep in mind the going will be slow.

    glacier is a must see. the fantastic old lodges, going to the sun road, and don't leave out the canadian portion if at all possible. Hopefully the smoke from all the forest fires will clear out before your visit, enjoy. mark

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    dana Guest

    Default Don't Miss Glacier

    I just recently got back from a 2 week roadtrip. I went from Buffalo up through all of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and then down through the northern US. We spent 3 days in Glacier, it was fabulous. Going to the Sun road is deffinetly the best road I have ever been on, the views are spectacular. We were a little pressed but all in all 2 weeks was a very good amount for 6000 miles or so. I would take about 10 or 11 days from CT to OR if you wanna spend say, 4 or 5 days in the two parks.

    If you do go to Glacier try getting reservations at the Swift Current Moter Inn. Its a great little hotel I stayed in right in the park, west of Babb, MT.

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