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    Default ny to cali and back

    my best friend and i are planning a road trip from albany, ny to california and back. we're leaving in two weeks and have between three and four weeks to get it done in. just wondering if anyone can give us an estimate of how much it may cost. we're renting a car (getting a deal from a friend in the business) and don't care where we sleep (under the stars is just fine)....any guesses???

  2. Default California

    California is a BIG place that has many different types of weather, terrain and people. There is Big Sur, Sand Dunes, Alcatraz, Death Valley, Giant Redwoods, Hollywood and LA. There is no way that you will be able to see all of it. But if you go to Disneyland, then also see Knott's Berry Farm. Decide what you want to see before you go. Take the backroads and see some natives and even talk to them!! But the most important thing is to travel safe and have fun!

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