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    We will be driving from Los Angeles to Dallas in 4-5 days with the following stops. Please advise of driving times between each pair of cities:
    Los Angeles to Tombstone, AZ; Tombstone to El Paso, TX; El Paso to Carlsbad Caverns; Carlsbad to Roswell, NM; Roswell to Dallas, TX. Any suggestions or tips for our roadtrip?

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    I understand that you may have already decided to visit Carlsbad Caverns, but at least do a web search to look at the option of visiting Karchner Caverns in AZ instead. They are just off your route, are "live" caverns, well organized, good local motels etc. Carlsbad is a long very boring drive from El Paso, and it is a boring drive from Carlsbad to Roswell. If you visited Karchner Caverns in connection with your detour to Tombstone you could skip Carlsbad and take the more scenic route to Roswell from Las Cruces to Alamagordo to Ruidoso to Roswell. It is shorter, cooler, more interesting. You could even add a short side visit in Ruidoso or Lincoln (Billy the Kid Country). I make the trip to Roswell about once a month from Phoenix, and the route I mentioned in infinitely more interesting and scenic. Good luck, and I hope you have a great trip, either route. barny

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    Default way way way way way back

    Welcome to the RTA Forum, barny!

    We love it when new members contribute information, and when they start by looking through the vast archives of this forum!

    Unfortantly, it looks like you've done too good of a job! This thread is 9 years old, so the original poster probably won't benefit from your information.

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