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    Jimmy Guest

    Default Need Serious Help on planning a road trip PLEASE!!!!

    Hey how's everyone doin'? My names Jimmy and I am from Boston, MA..I'm 18yrs old and I am trying to plan a serious road trip for me and my friends..But I have no idea where to start..I was hoping that some of you guys could give me some advice or some cool websites..Any would be awsome, you can reply to this thread or e-mail me @ alot

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    imported_Tonia Guest

    Default Hi Jimmy

    I would recommend that you and your friends think about what you most want to see- mountains, ocean, a certain city? Then, I'd pull out the maps and start tracing the route. Be realistic in how much driving you can get done in a day and how long you'd like to spend in each area.

    I like to use these websites when I plan travel: - good for maps and a route planner - good for finding distances and maps - fun, funky website with cheesy tourist attractions...

    Hope this helps.... have fun planning your trip!

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    Default Adding our two cents worth

    In addition to those other fine sites, you can also find some cool stuff on this one -- We are also working on a road trip planning program which will, (hopefullly) be less clunky than the one offered by our friends at

    Our preference for the most user-friendly mapping site is


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    imported_Darrell Guest


    I'm from Boston also. Feel free to email me. I have taken several trips each year and one big one back in 2000. Let me know what I can help with.

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    imported_Tonia Guest

    Default MapBlast: Two Thumbs Up!

    I wanted to say thanks for the recommendation on MapBlast... I plugged in two hard to find addresses, and it came up with perfect maps for both... cool!

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