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    Cheri Guest

    Default CA to PA

    I'm taking my first road trip from San Francisco to Pennsylvania in August. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to see or advice? I don't want to go to far off the beaten path. Anything would help. Thanks. Cheri

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    imported_Steve Guest

    Default I-80

    I took I-80 going from Detroit to San Fran. And honestly, from what I could see... There was nothing to see. Be warned, the farther east you go, the more boring it will get, but on the other hand, you will find more gas stations and travel plazas to stop at which become more and more scarce in the west.

    Seeing Salt Lake City for the first time was really cool, and pretty much anything west of Nebraska was cool for me (that's where the mountains start-Michigan and anything else east of that area is FLAT!)In the western part, you'll find yourself driving for hours in what seems like the middle of nowhere, make sure to gas up every chance you get or you may regret it.

    have fun


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    Default I-80 -- Gateway to Adventureland


    Steve's impression of I-80 (see next post) differs from our own. I have driven much of I-80 numerous times. It is fast relatively fast, well-built road that offers plenty of side-trip opportunities. Before leaving San Francisco -- ever been to the Wave Organ? (

    As you enter Nevada a side trip to Virginia City is great. Check out the graveyards ( Departing I-80 in Rock Springs Flaming Gorge is great drive. Lincoln, Nebraska is kind of a happening city these days with a cute downtown, sidewalk bars etc.

    Chicago is a pretty cool city -- hard to pass it up. I don't know where in PA you are going to but the Houdini Museum has some live shows in Scranton ( As you enter PA be sure and get some Atomic Wings in Sharon, (very hot!) --

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