I am more and more seriously considering a two month trip around the U.S. In considering various options, I came accross a place that rents a new model of Volkswagen Campers called the Westfalia. It looks quite nice in terms of size and amenities. I would be travelling alone. I was wondering if anyone knew whether these campers are reliable for driving out west. I plan to follow route 66 as part of the trip, and that could include some mountain driving with sharp curves, etc. I like the idea of the camper because I would be able to stay in parks and possibly feel a bit safer than camping alone in a tent (though I'll still have the option if I feel brave.) I would love some advice on the camper idea, if any of you are familiar with this model. This is the address for the link which shows the camper http://www.northeastcampers.com. Thanks so much!