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    Corinna Guest

    Default ROADTRIP MI-CA

    HI Everybody!
    I am planning a roadtrip together with my friend in August.I want to rent a car for this trip,does anybody knows a cheap car rental organization?(I am living in Ann Arbor)I am not sure if three weeks is enough time for the way to San Fransisco LA and back and I am afraid of sitting in the car the whole vacations jumping out take a picture and drive through:-/I've never made a roadtrip before so I would be glad about any advise from you guys:-)My problem is that I have not enough money to fly the way back or things like that and I want to go camping...OK hope I hear from you!

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    tried rent-a-wreck?

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    tried rent-a-wreck?

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    A Kim Guest

    Default rental car

    try i once rented an economy car in phila for $15 this way. :) good luck!

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    chiara Guest

    Default reply

    last october i drove from muskegon, mi to california and we were able to take are time and see the sites on the way there and even travel up the coast from L.A. to san francisco and we returned to michigan and it took us about 3 weeks .......3 weeks is plenty of time....

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    imported_Steve Guest

    Default don't worry, 3 weeks is easy

    That's no problem, I drove from Detroit to LA in three days, and back in the same time on a different route. Then again I wasn't really checking scenery since this was more then just a vacation.

    It depends on how many hours you're willing to spend driving a day. Are you driving alone or is someone coming with you? I drove alone approx. 13-14 hours each day. For me that wasn't that bad. A lot of people can't imagine being alone for so long in a car driving in the middle of nowhere, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I guess it depends on the person

    good luck to ya

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