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    Torstein Tanum Morstad Guest


    Finally , its time!
    For three weeks this summer, me and two buddies will take on a lifelong dream! We've all been big Springsteen fans, and its his music that has inspired us to go an see the real thing.
    We're going to drive from New York to L.A., but we hope to catch a glimpse of both Las Vegas and New Orleans on the way.
    Is this duable at all?
    I suspect we'll run short of time, but if we don't spend more than a two days in each of the four cities ,I hope we'll make our flight in L.A. on time.
    And one more thing: Is it a problem to get rooms along the way? Should we book hotels/motels in advance? Thanks

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    Default Plenty of roadside motels

    Congratulations on the big adventure! Sounds like a great holiday.

    Yes, three weeks will give you time to see New Orleans, Las Vegas and some of the hundreds of towns along the way.

    In regards to pre-booking motels -- I would counsel on keeping the itinerary open and planning to stop where and when you choose on a daily basis. Depending upon your budget you should have no problem finding a reasonable place to stay each night.

    Have fun!


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    TripTik Man Guest


    Summer is the slow season in New Orleans, so hotel prices and availability should be in your favor. You may consider reserving ahead as soon as you settle on the dates you'll be in New Orleans, just in case. It is both hot and humid down there, but that won't stop you from having a good time!

    In Las Vegas, hotel rates on weekends (Friday and Saturday nights) are usually twice as expensive as Sunday-Thursday nights. Casino hotels on the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard) are higher, so if you stay off the strip in a standard motel, you will pay much less. You probably won't need reservations this time of year.

    If you plan to visit Grand Canyon, you will probably need to make room reservations. They have only a few hotels right at the canyon. You could also stay in Flagstaff, which is about 90 minutes away.

    Otherwise, have an enjoyable romp across the USA!!

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    Torstein Tanum Morstad Guest

    Default thanks!

    Thanks for the advice guys!
    I'm feeling more confident than ever, that this will be the vacation of a lifetime!

    Easy rider :)

  5. Default 3 weeks

    Hi there

    I did a 3 month, 48 state trip last year. Generally we didnt bookahead unless we knew there to be limited availability. It gives you the freedom todrive as much or little as you choose as somedays youmay not feel like going far (bad weather etc) others may be the opposite. Check for grand canyon lodging. Be sure to visit Sedona if you can,other than that cross over the hoover dam to get to Vegas from Arizona. I think it's I-15 from Vegas to LA, straight road through intense heat. Have a great time.

    Tony Hughes, Scotland.

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