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    Ellen Guest

    Default Winter vacation

    Would like to hear other experience and places to go in Arizona or New Mexico. Several of us are planning a vacation January of 2003 we live in Alaska and want a warm place to explore. Any advise as hotels, places to see would be appreciated. I'd really like to see some of the slot canyons that are accessible I love photography and would like to spend some time photographing some of the canyons.

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    Default It is winter in Arizona too!


    Some of the best (at least in terms of photography opportunities) in Arizona are also visited by ole Man Winter in January. The closer you can get to Mexico the better for chance of warm weather.

    What is a "slot canyon"? Are you referring to "slick-rock" country? If so, Canyonlands National Park is the place to be -- but you will certainly hit snow in most sections.

    Monument Valley is pretty special and the light is fantastic in January -- but it will be in the low 30's and 40's (F).

    Actually what temperature range would be "warm enough for you"? I can share some of my favorite spots once I know the range of temps you prefer.


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    Ellen Guest

    Default Affordable & Warm Adventures Wanted!

    Thanks for responding. Well I guess I am looking for the best of both
    worlds...warm and some fun outdoor adventures that are affordable. 60-75
    degrees would be ideal but hiking around with a jacket wouldnt be all that
    bad. But since it is winter in Alaska around the time we want to go we want
    to stay away from snow and cold weather if we can help Las Vegas and
    Arizona and New Mexico came up...just looking for ideas and good rates.
    Nothing real special in Las Vegas since we wont be in our rooms very
    much..but as we venture out from Nevada to Arizona and down to New Mexico
    just looking for nice places to stay that are affordable. It could turn out
    that Vegas may be left out and then Southern Arizona and New Mexico may be
    the place...right now just in an information gathering stage. Have hit just
    about all the southwest websites known to man... :) Anyway any advise you
    have would be appreciated...not too interested in guided tours unless that
    is the only way to go to see the "cool stuff"


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    Default It snows in Nevada, Arizona & New Mexico


    60-75 Degrees in January might be a little hard to come by in any berg as far north as Las Vegas or Flagstaff. There are very nice days in both cities -- but in a normal year one should expect rain & breezy conditions with temperatures in the mid 50's and 60's. Snow in Phoenix would be extremely rare, (maybe never?) but we have hit heavy snow and icy conditions on Hwy 10 near Tucson on occasion.

    The only place I know that really has a good chance of 70+ degree warm sunny days in January would be the Brownsville area of Texas.

    Favorite places in Arizona would have to include the Chiricahuas in the SE corner -- tropical species of fauna and flora can be found there, Saguaro National Park, and the recently opened Kartchner caverns near Benson, and the Organ Pipe National Monument. More later.



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