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    Brent Guest

    Default OR to CT: 1st Time, please help!

    Im just about out of school for the year and have decided to drive home from Oregon all the way to Connecticut makeing for sure stops in Colorado Springs and Cincinnati...I was just wondering if anyone know of some great places to site see along the way...Im going alone and planning on taking a week to do it, maybe 6 days. I usually fly around but know its best to take my time so i need some great parks, landmarks, or any other things that are a MUST on this trip?! I know theres a lot of experianced drivers out there so i hope yall could help me out with a few! Thanks!!

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    imported_Darrell Guest


    You may have left by now, but...

    If you want to cover 3000+ miles in 6 days, you will not have time to see any parks, or other things of interest. You will probably just be driving, eating, and sleeping. Maybe you'll get the chance to see a movie, but you'll probably fall asleep during it.

    Take your time getting home, go see Yellowstone, Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park, etc. Good luck!

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