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    Default stuck in planning

    We are four 02' college grads planning a cross country for our last 2 months of freedom. We are from New York and have great plans to Dallas. Then we're stuck. We are going to San Diego, but spending a week at the grand canyon area, which includes various parks. Should we go there via New Mexico and the desert or Colorado and the Mountains. And where can we stop en route from Dalla, because so far we haven't seen anything of much interest in Western Texas. Any help would be phenomenal. Also, we have heard much about the White Sands National Monument, is it worth it? P.S. we are on a pretty limited budget but plan on camping...
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    Default Texas-New Mexico-Arizona

    If you like to party, you can't miss Billy Bob's Texas in the stockyards district of Fort Worth, just west of Dallas. Further west, Lubbock is the home of Buddy Holly. If you're into rock and roll, you are going to enjoy the Buddy Holly Center in the Depot District of Lubbock. Some of my favorite mexican restaraunts are little hole-in-the wall joints along the border in El Paso. If you like the out-of-doors, a slight detour south will get you into Big Bend National Park.
    In New Mexico, a fair amount of the old-timey business of old Rt 66 still exists in Albuquerqe. Further west, if you cut south from Benson, Arizona, an hour will put you into Tombstone-the town "Too Tough to Die". It's a bit touristy now but it still a part of the old west history that is part of our heritage.A bit south of that, the old copper mine in Bisbee is a hole in the ground it will be hard to forget. Have a great trip.

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    Default NEW MEXICO is #1 with us

    New Mexico is a state worth exploring. There are families living in the area who have been "Americans" since the early 1400's (a tad bit earlier than any of the founders of the original 13 colonies of the USA).

    Taos and Santa Fe are remarkable justapositions of culture and beliefs.

    Sunrise at Bosque del Apache is an experience not be missed.

    Carlsbad Caverns are pretty impressive and easy to explore -- take one of the ranger-led hikes into the lower caverns.

    Eagle Nest north of Taos is one of our favorite places on earth -- it is a secret place -- you will have to go there to find out why.

    White sands is pretty cool -- take very DARK sunglasses.

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