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    Default Coastline up through New England,places to see and stay?

    Any must see places? And also great places to stay on a budget. Starting in Ct. Thanks!

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    Default New England

    A million places to see:
    Arcadia National Park- Maine - Its a desert
    Fruitlands, Ma
    Boston Tea Party
    Newport, RI -party
    Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard - need 2 days
    Harpoon Brewing Company - Boston
    Killington, VT -great summer biking etc
    Fanuiel Hall, Boston
    Rockport, MA

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    Russ Guest


    Be sure to stop in Portland, ME - a FANTASTIC little city with a great New England flavor minus the "always on your guard" feeling of exploring cities like Boston and New York that have their scary parts if you aren't sure where you are. For a real treat, take the ferry from Portland to Nova Scotia - BREATHTAKING (or of course, if you're not pressed for time, you could drive up and around through New Brunswick). It's actually a little cheaper if you catch a ferry further north up in Bar Harbor - the web site is Of course this depends on how far up you want to go, and how many days you want to spend - but basically you're venturing into a fabulous part of the country and the scenery alone is worth the drive.

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    Providence, RI "Waterfire" is a must-do. What is it? One hundred bonfires on braziers in the middle of the Providence River in the downtown riverwalk area complete with street performers, food, music along the river and an outdoor dance floor with live music (salsa, ballroom or swing alternate). It has atmosphere like nothing else you have ever experienced. Go to the Waterfire website for dates.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I've just got to say wow, you managed to find a thread that's nearly a decade old! Still good info, but it is safe to say the original poster has long since moved on.

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