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    James Thomas Guest

    Default Ottawa, Canada to Grand Canyon in three days, possible?

    Me and two other guys are heading out from Ottawa the morning of July 1 and want to be in the Grand Canyon the night of July 3. We're driving a '71 VW Campmobile and figure it'll be about 15 hours/day on the road. Anybody have any comments or experience on which route to take or anything else?

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    Tilkster Guest

    Default Ott to GC

    It can take you 2 days to get to Salt Lake City (driving pretty hard) and then a full day to head south through Utah to the Grand Canyon. So yeah, it can be done (this was just me driving, you have 3 people!!).

    - Ottawa (416/401) to Windsor/Detriot,
    - Head south and link up with I-80.
    - Take I-80 straight through to SLC.
    - From SLC, south on I-15 towards Las Vegas.
    - From there you can consult a map to get to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

    Note, if you wanna try to catch a great scenic drive on the way back - take I-70 through Colorado to Denver, then hook up with I-80 once again. The view is the most spectacular I have seen!! It will take longer though because of the rockies... Have a great trip!!!

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