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    escape from suburbia Guest

    Default Jersey-Maine

    Im planning a first road trip with 2-3 friends to any destination out of New Jersey, and one place I had in mind was Maine. I know its not that adventerous, but could anyone reccomend some stops along the way, scenic routes, costs, etc?
    Please send help, because my other alternative is taking daily trips to 7-11.

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    Tina Guest

    Default Maine

    Maine, not adventurous? I beg to differ! I love my State of Maine. Granted, there are more pine trees than people, but hey, where else can you get lobster at McDonalds! A couple my recommendations are Freeport's shopping district (LL Bean territory); also in Freeport is the Dessert of Maine and down the road is Bradbury Mountain State Park; Portland's Old Port neighborhood has lots to do and is about as culturally diverse as Maine gets; Boothbay Harbor, whale watches and a lobster and clam bake on Cabbage Island. Just south of Boothbay on Southport Island is a charming out of the way place called Newagen Seaside Inn (I've booked conferences there). Sebasco Harbor Resort is also nice. Some other places to visit are Hermit Island, Oars and Bailey Islands, Sebago Lake, Old Orchard Beach, Mt. Katadin, Acadia National Park, Norlands Living History Center, Maine Wild Life Park. It's quite diverse and I could go on and on. Most of these places have websites.

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    Default Dawn's early light

    You want some adventure? Try driving some of the back-country roads in early Spring in the early dawn -- there are very large critters walking about...

    Seriously, Maine is on of the most magical places on earth. So much to discover!

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    Jamie Guest

    Default Acadia

    Acadia National Park is one of my favorite spots on the East Coast, so my advice is to go straight there and enjoy it. Approximately 500 miles from my home in Essex County.

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    Default Nova Scotia

    You can take the new high-speed catamaran over to Nova Scotia from Bah Hahbah (Bar Harbor), or you could drive up and over.

    Maine is great!

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    Juliette Guest

    Default Stops along the way

    The coastal area of CT is fun (touristy) - I like Mystic. Then you could go to Cape Cod and take the ferry to Nantuckent or Martha's Vinyard. Maybe not adventurous, but fun all the same. And I agree with the others, Maine is great. However you could also take a side trip into my home state - New Hampshire. Lakes and mountains everywhere = lots of summer fun.

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    Ylana Guest

    Default The Vacation State!

    I'd say, if you haven't left yet, take I-95 all the way, enjoy a few spots in CT and RI (the beaches of Narragannsett and the beautiful mansions along the cliffwalk are lovely), stop in MA and go get some wonderfully inexpensive music at any Newbury Comics location, and then head straight to Maine. Hit LL Bean, make a right, and take Route 1 North the rest of the way. It's beyond beautiful, make sure to stop off in Rockport & Camden (where many a film have been made, "In the Bedroom" most recent), and head up to Mt. Desert Island, home of Acadia National Park. You'll have a wonderful time! The air is intoxicating and there is one lobster or blueberry festival after another, also keep an eye out for out of this world yard sales. One thing though, beware the wandering roadside Moose...

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    Luna Guest

    Default I have to agree...

    I have to agree that you are in for one exciting and adventurous trip! You'll see everything...ocean, mountains, lakes, rivers, quaint colonial towns (portsmouth, nh), fishing towns (gloucester, ma), witch towns (salem, ma), moose, racoons, and chowda! New England is amazing in all of its seasons...enjoy!

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    Default maine

    Also Monhegan (sp?) Island, Maine. I think you can get the ferry from Pemaquid.

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    Jeremy Guest

    Default Jersey-Maine--Did you do it?

    How was your trip? I'm headed to Maine for a couple of weeks in August, and I'd love some specific recommendations for great twisties, great (cheap) places to stay, and great places to meet some folk.


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