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    Patrick Guest

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    hi. me and two friends are driving from NY to SF via various other places over two months in the summer. could anyone tell me if there are campsites near most major cites and will we need to book ahead? cheers

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    Ethan Brown Guest

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    Yes, there are campsites in or near just about every major city.

    I'm not sure about booking ahead. I've been on the road for almost 4 months at this point, and been both hosteling and camping, and have usually not had a problem getting a spot at a campground. However, it will probably be a little harder in the summer.

    I suggest getting a Woodall's, which is a phone-book-sized directory of most of the campgrounds in the country. This is a very valuable resource.

    Have fun.

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    Jennifer Bianchi Guest

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    I agree with the other post, Woodalls makes a great guide that they keep up to date. You may also want to stop by a KOA and pick up one of thier guides. It will cost you about 3 bucks or so, and if you plan on using KOA's frequently, pick up a KOA Kard too ($10). It will give you 10-15% off every stay. One great thing about KOA is that you can count on a clean facility every time with showers and flush toilets.
    Happy Camping!

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