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    Hello everyone,
    I am planning a trip three months from now in mid-July. Me and a friend will be traveling to Tucson and then heading to Foxwoods Casino. We have a loose idea about which direction we are going to head. Do you have any pointeres for the journey (it is our first time)? And is there anything that we should hit on the way?


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    I did the trip except in the opposite direction. I drove from New London, CT to Phoenix in early January this year. The ride actually isnt that bad but if you want a good route take I-10 across into texas and then on to dallas. There are lots to do in Dallas and its about a 18 hour drive from Tuscon. I'd then go up through little rock and onto I-40 through Tennessee, a very scenic state. You can either follow 40 across to I-95 and take that up the coast or go the inland route up instate 81 depending on your time. i did interstate 81 down but it turned out a bad idea after a major storm stalled me for a day. 81 has less traffic and more scenery but 95 is a faster route. The trip took me about 41 hours total. Good luck and have fun

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