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    megan smith Guest


    hi. i am a 23 year old graduate from Berkeley, moving back east for medical school. i don't have a car, but i need to drive cross country back to NJ for school. I want to leave in early to mid july. i will pay/split gas. and am willing to drive anyones car. i have a valid license and have never recieved a ticket.


  2. Default Leaving for the East Coast

    I'm planning on visiting the East Coast in the summertime. I plan to go alone, but would be nice to travel with someone. I have a small car, do you have a ton of stuff? I don't know when exactly I'm leaving.

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    Juliette Guest

    Default CA-Boston - last week of June

    I'm driving to Boston the last week of June. I live in San Luis Obispo, so I wouldn't mind picking up someone in LA or San Diego. Unfortunately, there won't be a lot of room for stuff in the car. Email me if my plans match your plans (female preferred).

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