The National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredricksburg honors Admiral Chester Nimitz, he grew up Fredricksburg - thus the museum. Fredricksburg is a small, hill country town northwest of San Antonio about 65 miles. Settled primarily by German immigrants during the Texas frontier days, it retains much of the mix of old world and frontier charm that have been lost to "progress" in most areas.

Another area I enjoyed, closer to Houston than San Antonio, was Washington
on the Brazos State Park. By serendipity, I visited on March 2 which is the
166th anniversary of the Texas Declaration of Independance from Mexico which
was signed at Washington on the Brazos. The had a number of re-enactors
trying to show what life was like on the far-west Texas frontier. For
someone who thinks roughing it means staying at the Marriott instead of the
Hyatt Regency, that kind of life is hard to imagine.