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    Ari Guest

    Default Hostels, Motels, Campgrounds?

    Hi All!
    I am planning a 3 month roadtrip with a friend from NY to CA and back.
    I was wondering about accommodations.
    Hostels, Motels, Campgrounds, what is the cheapest way to go?


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    Bob and the Boys Guest

    Default Hotels, Motels, and Campgrounds

    Hello, I am planning on doin a 3 month road trip also with my friends, well we are taking my conversion van so that kinda reduces spending on lodgeing cause there is a bed in the back, but if we do have enough money i think the best route is to stay at KOA's because they have showers, washers and dryers and all that good stuff, and plus its a lot cheaper..

    Take it easy

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