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    Kaye & Trish Guest

    Default traveling for a few weeks, going home, then picking up again???

    we are considering our first motorhome... how feasible is it for us to travel for a while, park the motorhome somewhere, go home for a few weeks, then come back out, pick up the motorhome and continue?

    i'm an airline pilot so travel to/from wherever we park the motorhome is not a problem. the quesions are mainly how easy is it to find a safe spot to leave the motorhome, how much should we expect to pay, if we did it with kids during summer vacation, do kids seem to like this kind of existence or do they get bored quickly, etc...

    thanks in advance

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    Kaye & Trish,
    A number of RTA correspondents make their living as full-time air crew. They "live" part-time in their cabins at 38,000 ft and the rest of time their primary residence is a motorhome. Some have pets that they board when they are airborne.

    Yes, generally kids like the motorhome life. On-the-road, access to video entertainment and chance to be in a new place nearly everyday. Boredom is generally a function of lack of education.

    Some excellent guides to this lifestyle are available on this site: One of the best guides is Stephanie Berhagen's book listed on that page.

    Places to park: safest would be at a RV park so folks are checking on it for you. Monthly rates $400 to $700. One crew chief finds locations on public streets in various cities. Not recommended, but hundreds of owners do it. Some truck stop will allow longer periods of parking, costs can range free to $150 per week.

    Suggest you get a RV Park/Campground guide and see the range of services and fees available in the areas you wish to travel in. is a good place to browse.


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    Kaye & Trish Guest



    thanks for that input... several folks have responded to us in this forum and over at RV.NET...

    we sincerely appreciate the thoughtful repsonse...

    kaye & trish

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    imported_David Guest

    Default Bargain Rates???

    I have been doing this for three years. I have paid up to $25 a month for storage. The park I use most is in NC and I pay $15 a month. Of course I have to move it to a storage site when I leave it. The park is gated with full time security. I have never had a problem

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