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    ismael duran Guest

    Default a great adventure trip from detroit to patagonia,chile

    for many years we have prepare and dream of this trip from detroit,michigan to patagonia ,chile.
    we are ready to leave this coming summer from june 16 to august 16,
    traveling in a bus that will accomodate 6 people,
    we are looking for 4 people interested in the trip.
    we are teachers mary art teacher and ismael music teacher in latin american music.
    we have traveled in latin america many times and have very good friends in the route to
    patagonia,punta arenas,chile.
    if you are interested to talk to us please email me and we will give you more information
    about this wonderful adventure.
    bilingual speakers spanish-english , and love of music
    by the way i was born in punta arenas, chile

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    Default A Grand Adventure!


    This does sound like a grand adventure. How are you planning to cross the Darien Gap? There are no ferries and I doubt your vehicle can float that far!

    One of the books that you should read, (if only for the humor) is Tim Cahill's account of his speed run from the tip of South America to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska. ( )

    You sound experienced -- I hope this site puts you in contact with folk's interested in this caper!


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    valra Guest

    Default Possible Crossing Scenerios

    this website may have the way to cross the darien gap.
    wish I could go....I'm a teacher too, and was born in La Plata, Argentina. I even have family down in La Tierra del Fuego. Maybe next time! :)
    good luck

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