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    For our honeymoon we are taking a road trip. Leaving Fargo in July, spending 3 days at Glacier, 3 more in Seattle, 6 days camping along the way to San Francisco, and then driving through Wyoming and South Dakota. I am curious if anybody has any ideas for good honeymoon places to visit or stay. I would like to avoid crowds and would like quiet, romantic, scenic, memorable places to visit. Espcially between Seattle and San Francisco. If anybody knows of good places like this to visit, or things we cannot miss, or any tips in general for such a trip, I would be extremely grateful.

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    Default Our honeymoon destination

    One of our favorite hide-aways, (Mendocino) is located in that stretch you mention -- between San Francisco and Seattle. Our most favorite location is a bit pricey but worth every single penny. For more information check out It features Llamas, canoeing and hanging out in suberb luxury.


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