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    Malin Guest

    Default Europeans need your help!

    We are from Sweden, and will be in Salt Lake City during the Olympics, after that we plan to do a roadtrip SLC-Sacramento-San Francisco-Los Angeles-Palm Springs-Mexico-Grand Canyon-Las Vegas. We have a car and that's it, we don't know how to get good and cheap places to live in and thought it was gonna be easier with some help from Americans, so if you live in any of these places or have advises to give us, anything will be appreciated!

    Malin and Sara!

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    Nile Runge Guest

    Default Grand Canyon

    When I was there my partner and I took the trail down into the canyon, not all the way, but to the big flat area above the river. It's a descent of either 3,000' (1000m) or 5,000 ', I forget which. We left at 7am and returned by 7pm with lunch and a nap in between on a leisurely hike. If you're in condition to do that I STRONGLY recommend the hike (it starts near the Visitor Center on the south side) because the canyon is SO immense you can't really understand it unless you get into it. As you descend your perspective from where you are constantly changes and amazes. It's truly awsome. If it's a hot day carry a sweatshirt with you which you can soak with water in the drinking fountains provided every 1 1/2 miles, then put on and wear wet while hiking. The rapid evaporation will keep you cool. This was recommended to me when I went and I've been ever thankful that I listened and wore that wonderfully cool sweatshirt.

    Welcome the the USA and I hope you have a wonderful trip.


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    debbie in seattle Guest


    Hello Malin and Sara. I hope this helps. If you are going to rent a car, why not rent a van? Then you can put sleeping bags in it and sleep in the van sometimes at campgrounds or RV parks. This will cost you between $10 and $17 per night. Here is some other information that might help you. When you drive from SLC to Sacramento, sleep in Reno or Sparks. In Sparks you can sleep at the Silver City during a weekday (Monday to Thursday) for I think $26 a night for 2 people. Be very careful when you drive on I-80 from Reno to Sacramento. Also be very careful when you drive in SLC because they get a lot of snow! In Las Vegas you can get a room on a weekday (like Monday - Thursday) at Circus Circus Hotel for $29 per night. They are beautiful rooms, beautiful, and Las Vegas is really a lot of fun. Also, you can rent rooms very inexpensive, for $19 to $25, something like that, in Laughlin Nevada. All the hotel rooms there are not expensive and they are all very nice. Good Luck and have a wonderful trip. Also, go to Quartzite, it is a huge market outdoors and it is south of Las Vegas where Route 10 meets Route 60. It is great fun and the area is beautiful. Bon Voyage

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